Each self-builder has different expectations and goals for the final product of their Self Build project. Designing a home can be very difficult and demanding. It is the crucial stage of making your dream a reality. You can include the following tips in your home planning guide to make a well-organized construction site with experts who can build your dream home.

Showcase and Maximize the Lot

homeMany times, people who are looking for a customized house plan often already have the land where they will be situated. You already know the location of your custom house. Make sure you consider the size, topography, and best features. If your lot has a natural landscape, you may choose to have your living room face that features, so that your family can enjoy the beauty of the area. You might also consider putting bedrooms near streams or brooks to enjoy the sound of the water running while you sleep. You should also consider the slope of the land when deciding which windows face the best views. A custom home designed for steep slopes will look different from one for flat lots.

Prioritize Features

houseAfter your ideas have been drafted in rough form, you can start prioritizing the features that will be included in your new home. If you allow your imagination to run wild, custom home design can easily go over budget. There are so many options, so it is important to pick the most important elements of your home design. If you have always longed for a box window in your kitchen to grow herbs, it may be worth prioritizing that feature over installing a line to support a gas stove.

Consider Function and Flow

Begin to plan where the rooms should be placed. Then, think about how you want your final design to flow and how your family will function in each room. To reduce noise, bedrooms should be placed away from common areas in the house. If you have a family that gathers around the kitchen, an open-plan floor plan will work well for you. It allows you to easily flow from the living area, kitchen, and dining room. This design allows for great flow between rooms.