5 Must Have Items For Every Business Traveler


If you are one of the many people who has ended up in a hotel room only to be left without battery life on your cell phone, or with a wrinkled wardrobe after a long day of travel, you know the stress being on the road can cause without the proper equipment. Road warriors who live their lives on airplanes, in hotels or driving down freeways are constantly on the go. Many times, with the stress involved in their jobs and getting to know the next person they will meet, they forget essential items to keep them comfortable and presentable while traveling. That is why it would always be best to check out the source for the best travel tips and guides.

Here are five must-have items that should be on every road warrior’s packing list.

1. Non-iron dress shirt

When you are already rushing to a meeting, dress shirts for men that are wrinkled can only make you more stressed. Instead, pack non-iron traditional fit men’s dress shirts, so you stay timeless in your wardrobe, and stress-free while getting ready.


2. Cell phone charger

Being without your cell phone can feel like you’ve lost your lifeline to the world. Business travelers rely on their phones to keep them in touch with the office, and also with their families back at home. Invest in an extra cell phone charger so you can be certain you are never without the device that keeps you connected.

3. Static removers and lint rollers

Static and lint can be embarrassing and annoying, making you look just slightly less presentable. Don’t forget to bring a static remover and lint roller and keep it on hand throughout the day, so your clothes look fresh and refined.

4. Old-fashioned pen and paper

You never know when you will get a phone call while on the road and need a pen and paper to take notes. Always have a notepad and pen on hand to take any notes or mark down any last-minute assignments you need to complete.

5. A good book

Winding down after a long day’s work is always essential to ensuring you are fresh and ready for any challenges that you may meet the next day. Take a good book, or something else other than work to give yourself a little “you” time and unwind before bed each night.



Living life on the road can be challenging, but with high-quality equipment and a timeless wardrobe, it can be less of a burden when it comes time to pack.Good luck with your vacation and have safe travels.