Different Types Of Accommodation Facilities To Choose

When you decide to tour the world, you can choose your accommodation from different types of establishments. While some people require the most luxurious units they can get, others are looking for a place to rest with basic amenities especially those on tight budgets.

Types of accommodation facilities

Town hotels

bedroom 1Town hotels dominate the industry due to the demand for accommodation by business society, people on transit and holiday makers. Every town whether small or big has a hotel all over the world. They range in class where some are luxury five-star hotels while others are simple budget hotels. One of the common amenities in these hotels apart from the rooms is the wi-fi Internet to serve the business people.

Resort and beach hotels

If you are on a vacation that will take a couple of days to weeks, then choosing a resort hotel is the most prudent idea. Apart from being luxurious, these hotels enjoy a great deal of serenity and amazing views. It is easier to get a room facing the lake, valley, mountain or any other scenic view. Closely related to them are the beach resort hotels found along the coast lines. They are also serene, and most of their best rooms are those facing the ocean.

Eco-luxury camps and lodges

There is nowhere better to spend your nights as these accommodation services every time you are in a park. They are either found inside the park or around the park. They focus on being ecological, and you too must contribute to the same. However, they still maintain high-level services, and you would be mistaken to think that you will pay less. In fact, most of them boast a five-star rating. Some of them are part of five-star chain hotels and offer equally high or better services.


dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgMotels are accommodation units found along major highways and roads. They focus on providing basic accommodation to people on transit. One of the characteristics of these units is a big sign post reading ‘Motel’ and indicating with an illuminating arrow. They may not have a restaurant but rather a snack shop for people to buy some bites. Motels are also used to getting day room clients who want to freshen up before proceeding with their journey.

While there are still other accommodation establishments, these are the main ones you can go for, when away from home. Some of them require prior booking through the website or an agent.