Top Five Must do Things While Touring Mauritius

The mere mention of Mauritius makes your mind to instantly conjure up images of tropical palm trees and powder white beaches. It is a luxury hot spot for jet-setters and celebrities and a popular honeymoon destination, making it one of the closest things to paradise on earth. With the best Mauritius holiday packages, you will surely have an unforgettable holiday.

Mauritius isn’t just about the exotic sand and sunny beaches. It has a ton of activities, lush forests, and historic sights. Also, it also has some of the best and luxurious hotels in the world, cosmopolitan towns ideal for shopping, stunning natural beauty spots and plenty of water spots for adventure travelers that will take your breath away.

Without further delay, here is a list of top 5 Things to Do in Mauritius:


2jjjThis is a village found South Mauritius which is less-known, but it holds many surprises. It is characterized with Colored Earth, which is a rare geological formation. Yellows, purples, red, and oranges blend to form a rugged volcanic surface. It gives you a choice to interact and make friends giant tortoise or stare endlessly at the wonders of nature. The way to this amazing feature is marked by many gorges and waterfalls. Additionally, make a point to stop and have a view of the rugged panoramas of the hilly areas of Mauritius.


It would not be fair to leave out Mauritius beaches as a top thing to do while in Mauritius. Mauritius is well known for its exquisite beaches in the world. They include the hidden La Cuvette beach in the north, Belle Mare Beach and the Le Morne in the South. Le Morne is also best known for kite-surfing and also its ruggedness.


Your visit in Mauritius will not be complete without a taste of the rums that it boasts off. Mauritius has an amazing collection of rums on offer with huge sugarcane fields where rum is produced on site and delightful distilleries, making it a secret rum kingdom. Make sure to sample premium rums which are matured in oak for years and white rums which are perfect for cocktails.


Mauritius is an island with expansive coastline which makes it a great spot for a good number of major water sports including deep-sea diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, and parasailing. Also, it also offers revelers an exposure to a unique experience, an undersea walk.

3rrrIn this particular sport, one is suspended some meters under the sea level with a very strong visor to provide the participant with enough oxygen is a scary adventure at first, but you soon start to walk around on the bed of the ocean, making friends with all types of fish and other sea creatures.


Mauritius has an amazing combination of diversified cultures. This fascinating diversity presents itself in the many languages and traditions.English is the official language, but Hindi, Creole, Bhojpuri, and French are also widely spoken in the country. Also, you will find Mosques, Churches, Chinese pagodas and, Temples found all over the island.

Make sure to participate in the energetic Sega dance, tour the intricately designed Mauritian temples and educate yourself about colorful Mauritian festivals and folklore. With all this, will definitely fall in love with the Island.