FAQs About The Common Limousine Services

Whenever you need to hire limousine services, there are some questions that come to your mind. Similarly, other people have more or less similar questions to the limo service providers. The baja limousine Sacramento customer care agents, confirms they receive numerous questions through their inquiry center on a daily basis. Such questions make it possible for people to get the right services and avoid disappointments on the day of service. If you are planning to hire such services for an upcoming event, then the following are the FAQs you can also consider asking.

FAQs about the common limousine services

What limo services do you offer?

Since it is normal for these services to differ, then you need to know which ones they offer so that you can assess the probability of them serving you. The common services are wedding, parties and VIP transfers. If your intended service is not on their ‘menu,’ then you may need to get another service provider or see how flexible they can be.



What are your charges per hour?

If you have not used limo services before, then it is worth mentioning that these services are charged per hour. Therefore, you will be in a better position asking for their charges on an hourly rate. In fact, this is a good way to compare different companies particularly for a similar size of the limos. When the rates are too high, then consider checking somewhere else or negotiating a favorable price.

What types of vehicles do you have?

People who are loyal to specific brands of limos will always ask this question. Furthermore, some brands are more spacious than others. However, expect a different price for each of these vehicles depending on class. The common ones include Cadillacs, Chrysler, and Hummer just to mention but a few. Whether you prefer stretched sedans or SUVs, a reputable service provider should give you one.

Do you offer a qualified chauffeur?

It is almost obvious that all limo services have a chauffeur as part of the package. However, some may be experienced than others. It is, therefore, prudent to let the sales manager assure you that all their chauffeurs are highly trained and experienced to handle your needs conveniently.


Do you have an insurance cover?

A good question you must never forget to ask. The limo may get an accident leading to injuries or any other harm. In fact, the law requires a valid insurance cover for such services. Let this person assure you that all occupants of the limo on that day will be insured.